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Pros and Cons of having a marijuana Card

Pros and Cons of having a marijuana Card

Pros and Cons of having a marijuana Card

There are many pros and cons of having a marijuana card. We are fast approaching the silver anniversary of America’s first medical marijuana program in the modern era. In 1996, Prop 215 allowed residents of California access to cannabis if they could prove a medical need. It opened the door to legalization in dozens of states, and one hopes that federal legalization is an inevitability, rather than the pipe dream it was a few decades ago. Pros and Cons of having a marijuana Card

PROS legal marijuana medical card:

You are Legally Protected

One of the simplest and most blatant reasons to urge a medical marijuana card is legal protection. Marijuana could also be illegal at the federal level but if you’re a medical marijuana patient, you’re guaranteed a particular degree of legal protection within the state that you simply have your medical card in. This benefit is particularly relevant in states that don’t have a recreational marijuana program for marijuana card. In these states, being caught possessing marijuana without a medical card can cause expensive fines or maybe jail time. Considering the possibly severe penalties, legal protection is one among the most reasons we recommend getting a medical marijuana card in your state.

Marijuana is cheaper

Getting a medical marijuana card can prevent an outsized amount of cash if you reside during a state with a recreational program. Recreational states typically charge a further excise and retail tax on all recreational marijuana sales, which may add up to over 20% in taxes due on each purchase made. Medical patients are going to be exempt from having to pay these excise and retail taxes, saving them hundreds, if not thousands of dollars every year!

Higher Potency and Limits

The potency of marijuana can make all the difference when it involves finding relief. Marijuana potency is decided by the amount of THC and other cannabinoids found within the individual strain or product. Typically, the stronger a marijuana product is, the simpler it’ll be at relieving symptoms. this suggests you’ll require less marijuana to urge the relief you’re trying to find . In most states that have a medical and recreational program, medical marijuana products will have a better potency limit than recreational marijuana products. this is often particularly true when it involves edibles. for instance , in Colorado, recreational marijuana edibles have a potency limit of 100mg of THC per packaged product, whereas medical marijuana edibles do have a THC potency limit. Some states even reserve a percentage of the foremost potent marijuana products strictly for medical patients only. Read more about marijuana here.

Higher Possession Limits

In general, medical marijuana patients may purchase and possess a bigger quantity of cannabis than recreational users. The difference is usually a minimum of an oz more of cannabis for medical users, which may be a substantial amount. the upper allotment for medical patients might be the difference between having enough marijuana to last monthly or running out of your medicine!

Higher Growing Limits

Some states that have marijuana programs, like California and Colorado, allow adults to grow marijuana reception . Most of the states that leave home cultivation of cannabis have both a medical and a recreational program. Typically, medical patients in these states are allowed to grow a way greater number of marijuana plants than recreational users. A great example is Colorado. Recreational users in Colorado may only get older to six plants per person and 12 plants per residence (if multiple adults live there). Medical patients in Colorado on the opposite hand may get older to 99 plants if a doctor determines it medically necessary. As you’ll imagine, the quantity of marijuana you’ll obtain from 99 plants compared to six is tremendous by having marijuana card!

CONS of legal marijuana medical card:

You Legally Can’t Own a Firearm

In the us , the usually misunderstood Second Amendment guarantees citizens the proper in touch arms. However, the ATF has decided that medical marijuana users aren’t allowed to get a firearm. This is inconvenient for both cannabis users and enforcement . In Honolulu, the government began a doomed quest to urge MMJ cardholders to surrender their weapons, and also to forbid future purchases. In Pennsylvania, the Department of Health won’t share the medical marijuana card registry with the state’s enforcement base. Therefore, if you reside in Pennsylvania, you’ll bypass the restriction by acting responsibly together with your firearm!

You Can’t Hold a billboard Driver’s License

The Department of Transportation doesn’t authorize the utilization of medical marijuana. In other words, if a transportation employee tests positive for marijuana during a drug screening, producing an MMJ card won’t be enough to save lots of their job. In some ways, it makes a touch more sense than the firearm restriction because you don’t want intoxicated drivers. However, you’ll make an equivalent argument for alcohol and opioid use.

Annual Renewal Fees

The cost of an MMJ card isn’t much of a problem if you’re a daily user because it could prevent thousands of dollars within the long-term. Renewing your card annually may be a bit annoying and may cost anywhere from $50-$200.

Holding a Government Job

If you’re employed for the federal , medical marijuana use can cost you the job; even during a state where it’s completely legal. In 2017, the U.S. Department of Transportation clarified that even medical marijuana patients weren’t allowed to use cannabis, and a failed test could lead on to termination of employment.  

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